Money Making as a Stay-at-home Mom

Stay-at-home moms need opportunities to make money from the comfort of their living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, kitchen tables – wherever mom might be able to work.  For many families, two-income households are a must, yet childcare expenses keep one of the parents at home.

Childcare is expensive, plain and simple.  I know because prior to having my son, I was a full time early childhood educator. After my son was born, I thought about bringing him to the infant room of my school.  The childcare cost for my infant would have been $1200 a month.  Because state ratios are four infants to one teacher, in order to make labor costs and pay other cooperate dues, there are no discounts given for the infant room.  Depending on my hours that month, I could have been bringing home anywhere between $0-$150 a month after paying the childcare tuition.

Um. No. I was not about to pay most, if not all, my paycheck for my infant to be cared for by someone who didn’t love him like I do.  My infant had some growth issues when he was first born, so the idea of hearing him cry makes me cringe.  All the wasted calories and all the spit up milk.  No, thank you, I knew I had to find another way.

For the first several weeks of staying at home, I absent mindedly scrolled through search engines, like, trying to find a good part time job that I could work opposite of my husband.  As I searched, I became increasingly aware that my husband’s work hours might not allow such a plan to work.  My husband is a high school teacher.  There are some days he comes home at four o’clock and other times that he comes home around the baby’s bedtime of 8 o’clock.

I decided that I would spend most of my caring for my baby – after all, that’s my number one job.  When he was playing or sleeping, I would pursue other types of endeavors, some of which might make money.  Others are for personal edification.  For example, although this blog does host some advertisements, it is mostly for pleasure.  I do not market my own blog.  I write it because it is one of my passions.  It is not my work-at-home endeavor.

To make money, working at home, I decided to do it the hard way and the easy way.  I know, vague.  I have teaching experience, although I do not have state licensure to be a teacher where I live.  I got married last November and moved to a whole new state.  I didn’t sign a contract with a school last year because of my impending wedding and move.  I didn’t pursue the teaching license or a contract this year, because a month after I got married, I found out I was pregnant.  I knew the birth of my son would literally be when school started.

At first, I was looking for work from home opportunities from companies, like Amazon.  The companies have this annoying requirement of a “distraction free environment”.  Obviously, working from home with an infant is anything but distraction free.  My cousin is involved in one of those direct commissions companies, but I know that 1) I do not want to get involved in a pyramid scheme, even if it is “legal” and 2) there is no way on earth I know enough people interested in meal replacement shakes that I could sell those yucky things. Also, the idea is to make money, not spend money that I do not have. Ya know?

I did find one direct marketing company, SFI, which is an online and in-person marketing group.  It costs nothing to join and the “product” being sold isn’t a product so much as it is marketing to an online store which is similar to EBay and Amazon. The big thing about this is that it costs nothing, so if it ends up being a waste of time, at least it wasn’t a waste of money.  That being said, the training is provided for free and it is akin to other online marketing “how-to” guides.  So, if you are looking to sell something online and start a business, it might be worth looking into.  Also, if you want to take your home-based business and put it online, but you aren’t sure where, the online store might be worth looking at.  Anyways, I joined this endeavor because I can literally spend 15 minutes a day learning new things while maintaining my “active status”.  And, of course, it costs nothing to join.  It doesn’t pay unless you market, but like vacuum cleaner salesmen, I wouldn’t expect it to. Is it a pyramid scheme? Eh…it has the potential, but it doesn’t have membership costs.  Plus, there are trivia games that you can play for free twice a day.  I love, love, love trivia, so I will probably keep my active status just for that.

The actual ways I am making money, however, at the moment are tutoring and lesson plan writing. I am a generalist for elementary until about 7th grade, then I would be a Life Science teacher. My actual teaching experience is in 3rd grade, but I have tutored for just about every grade level and some college. My degree is in Biology, with minors in mathematics and chemistry, so I prefer science and mathematics, but I am proficient enough to at least look at other topics and subjects.  I also edit and proofread papers, at any level.  I am currently working on proofreading for the capstone project thesis for one of my friends who is a master-prepared nurse.

Currently, I am trying to find full-time students to tutor. Know someone? Contact me! I can tutor online or in person. I am willing to even home school students at a distance.  Of course, I am not accredited, but I am an excellent resource! I am also cheap.  I charge $5 per student per hour for up to four students.  Four or more students, I charge $20 for an hour group session with an additional $2.50 per student after eight students.  As I develop my blog, I plan on posting this information permanently.  I will have a testimonial page and pre-recorded lessons.  I also have my Teachers Pay Teachers store, which I opened last month (but really haven’t done much with since). I am still trying to decide on how I want to handle that.

So, yeah, I am not entirely sure why I decided to lay out my money making scheme, but here it is.  Luckily, my husband makes enough to cover our living expenses.  I just want to have my own money to spend.

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